It's the way she looks at you as if you were the enemy. Gwen insists he can and that one day he will prove his father wrong. Arthur, however, tenderly replied that he wasn't going to let anything happen to her. When Leon confirmed that he knew where the prince might be hiding, they made a plan to escape together and carried it out the next night. Because her friendship with Morgana gradually deteriorates, Gwen starts to spend more time with Merlin and Arthur, such as helping Merlin when Gaius is possessed by a Goblin (Goblin's Gold) and persuading Gwaine to return and help Arthur (Gwaine). Sefa is Gwen's maid after she became queen and Gwen thought of her as a friend. Gwen is surprised by Lancelot's reappearance but is intent on becoming Arthur's wife. Your loyalty, your wisdom. Merlin, aware of Gwen's allegiance escapes from the cells and uses magic to revive Arthur. Shortly before Arthur and Gwen's anniversary, Gwen unpicked and restitched the saddle on Arthur's horse. He made it clear that Gwen's name was never to be mentioned again, or else Merlin would join her in exile. Desperate to salvage their relationship, Gwen tried to assure Arthur that she loved him, that he meant everything to her and that she still wanted to be his Queen, but the king was unmoved. Following their marriage she is crowned Queen of Camelot (The Sword in the Stone). Arthur was away on a quest when Camelot was conquered by Morgause's immortal army. However, he didn't think he could ever trust her again, and he knew that he couldn't live like that as either a husband or a king. Unbeknownst to the knights, however, sealing the veil would require a blood sacrifice, and Arthur planned to be that sacrifice. I may be the Queen, but you don't have to hide your secrets from me. However Gwen still pretended to be Morgana’s friend. Gaius stands at her side as Sir Leon declares, "The king is dead. After the Lamia incident, Arthur comments on Gwen's bravery in his chambers, where the couple shares a very intimate kiss (Lamia). Arthur told her about how his father used to take him to the woods when he was a child and how they used to scare him, which Gwen found hard to believe. But when he asked her ride back to Camelot with him and tell Arthur in person, Gwen refused. She assured him that the people were glad that he'd taken charge, and told him that he should have more faith in himself. Morgana imprisoned Gwen in Dark Tower with loads of mandrakes roots hanging down from the ceiling. Though he was actually talking about his disastrous attempt to court Vivian the night before, Gwen naturally assumed that he was referring to the flowers and note she'd found in her house. After reporting to his father, he caught up with Gwen in a castle corridor and tried to address what had happened between them, reluctantly concluding that his father would never understand it. Lancelot is entirely the creation of Chretien de Troyes and only appears at this date. When Arthur finally discovered the arrangement and tactlessly remarked that she should have said something, Gwen exploded into a rant about how rude he'd been. Arthur later tells her that it is not possible for them to be together as Uther would never understand, and Gwen is accepting of this. "Do you remember when I asked you to marry me? Heartbroken, the prince covered up his feelings (and perhaps tried to salvage some of his pride) by claiming that he'd only come after Gwen because Morgana begged him. He tried to dissuade her by telling her that the battlefield was no place for a Queen, but Gwen replied that she would rather be with him than have to wait alone for a man she may never see again. He asked her to marry him and she accepted and was later crowned Queen of Camelot after they married (The Sword in the Stone). Morgana told her that she'd done well, and at Gwen's request began to explain how the information could further their cause. However, by the next morning another Fomorroh had grown in its place, and Merlin made another attempt on Arthur's life. Arthur stated that Guinevere always surprised him and said that although he thought he knew everything about her she kept finding new ways to amaze him. Gwen wakes from her drugged sleep once they arrive, and tries to escape, telling Arthur that her love for him has all along been a lie to gain power. She uses a sword to try to kill the creature. Realizing that Gwen was that person, Merlin rushed to her house and asked for her help. Flattered, Gwen innocently remarked that she knew of no such person, and Arthur cheekily agreed, remarking that only time would tell (The Changeling). He tells Merlin to tell Gwen that "some things can’t be" and sneaks away in the night when Arthur and Gwen are sleeping. Mandrake roots are known for making people hallucinates. He shouldn't let Morgana find out about his magic, but he simply couldn't defend those he loved without it. Arthur, rather than scolding her for showing him disrespect, apologises for his behaviour. When it is revealed that there is a traitor in Camelot, Gwen suspects Sefa, and, when the latter confesses her treachery, Guinevere sentences her to death (Arthur's Bane:Part One). He said that he was foolish to have let Mordred go with them, reminded Gwen that she herself had said that the young knight was impetuous, and told her that he should have listened to her. Queen Guinevere Pendragon, better known as Gwen, is the widow of Arthur Pendragon, one of the best friends of Merlin, the younger sister of the late Sir Elyan, the only daughter and the youngest child of the late Tom (The Blacksmith), and the sister-in-law and a former best friend of the late Morgana Pendragon. Later that night, Merlin secretly returned to the woods to search for Gwen. Relieved that she was all right, Merlin told her that they'd searched the whole town and that Arthur was worried sick, but Gwen barely seemed to hear him. While the whole of Camelot believed Gaius to be a traitor, Gwen did not believe this, and comforted Merlin and supported his idea that Gaius had been abducted. He ordered that everyone keep riding east, and when Merlin pointed out that they'd lost the trail, he stubbornly insisted that they'd retrace the tracks. (The Kindness of Strangers). When Gwen was held hostage by the bandit Hengist (who believed her to be the Lady Morgana), Arthur disobeyed his father's orders and snuck out of the city with Merlin to rescue her. Arthur, who had been sitting with Merlin on the castle steps, quickly stepped forward to help her from her horse, and kissed her publicly for the first time (The Coming of Arthur). Arthur, however, (having learnt his lesson) insisted on taking his turn on the floor. As the daughter of a blacksmith, Gwen was very knowledgeable about armour and various other pieces of equipment. She was later among those who attended his coronation, and joyfully watched as he was crowned King of Camelot (The Wicked Day). She was happy to accept, and though the beginning of the hunt was uneventful Arthur easily kept Mithian entertained by teasing Merlin. The impact threw off the assassin's aim and caused his shot to hit Sarrum instead of Arthur, killing him instantly. I thought I knew everything about you, Guinevere. List of Appearances: Outside Gwen is listening in on the conversation and tells Arthur that she would give up her life for him. Though Gwen fully supported Arthur's decision to help Mithian, she worried that he had agreed not out of loyalty but because he couldn't pass up the chance to avenge his father's death. Within seconds the door behind her looks as though someone is trying to push through it, and all of the windows start banging open and closed. He quickly ordered Gwaine and Percival to take a patrol and search for the path while he and the rest of the army prepared for battle. He'll know you've taken me. Gwaine came back to help Arthur at the Melee, but he still had to leave. Gwaine has various nicknames for Gwen which she politely ignores. Gwen is close friends with Gaius and went to him as soon as she discovered her father was seriously ill. She also gave Gaius a kiss on the cheek when Gaius was planning to leave Camelot (A Remedy to Cure All Ills). Both Gwen and Arthur were devastated when Morgana suffered a skull fracture from falling down some stairs. Overwhelmed, Arthur walked through the first part of the ceremony in a daze, but ultimately accepted Merlin's advice and spoke up when Geoffrey asked if there were any objections. After Camelot and the neighboring kingdom of Nemeth reached an agreement over a dispute of land, Arthur revealed to the court that he was to marry Princess Mithian as part of the deal. Merlin and Arthur returned to Camelot the following day. According to Merlin, she is one of the best seamstresses in Camelot and has learned from her father Tom how to mend armor and work with weapons. She assured the witch that Arthur suspected nothing, and she now understood that Morgana was the only person she could trust. Morgana seemed remorseful about what had happened the their relationship and actually apologised to Gwen but felt that she had to die so that Morgana could become queen. He then left the room, leaving Gwen deeply concerned for him. So when the end-of-school-bell rings, they ride their bikes to the closest Baskin Robins and Morgana asks Gwen to the dance; Lance is a little sad cause he also likes Gwen but he THROWS HIMSELF into encouraging Gwen and helping her find a dress; Gwen and Lance are the definition of middle school best friends that become friends for life btw At first Gwen seemed to succumb to Morgana's lies, but then she realized what she was doing and pulled away from her. Though up to this point Arthur had refused to believe that his father was responsible for the odd things that had been happening, Gwen's brush with death had caught him off guard and allowed Merlin to convince him of the truth. Merlin uses magic to cure Tom as he can’t bear to stand back and see her suffer when he has the power to save Tom. She agreed that the current situation really wasn't his fault this time, but told Arthur that even if it were she would still be there for him, because that's what you do when you love someone. He was somewhat uneasy about his decision, and later admitted as much to Gwen when she asked how his father was doing. When Arthur miraculously recovered from the poison (with some magical help from Merlin), Gwen quickly covered her trail by claiming to have discovered the poison used against him in their chambers. She then stormed away, leaving Arthur confused. The next day Gwen is given recognition by the court for identifying the supplier of the poison. When dignitaries from the Five Kingdoms arrived in Camelot to conduct peace talks, King Alined (who did not want peace) and his magical jester Trickler devised a plan to sabotage the conference. Race: The siblings were soon freed from their cell by Merlin and Arthur, and after retrieving Morgana the group escaped from the castle unharmed. Arthur assured her that he was fine, then kissed her on the cheek and went to visit his father's tomb. Later, after Uther was fatally injured defending Arthur from an assassin, Gwen helped to care for him while Arthur kept vigil at his bedside. Waking up to discover Lancelot gone Gwen cries silently, heartbroken to be abandoned again. They tried to talk Arthur into letting the women fight as well, but the prince dismissed their idea, as he believed it to be too dangerous. Morgana has killed every plant she’s every owned, Gwen has constellations in her freckles and green embedded in her thumb. She was very worried about him while he was gone, especially when she found out about Morgana’s magic, but was very happy and relived to see him safely returned. Gwen tends to him, and they reunite when he regains consciousness. Once they were in range, Arthur took the first shot. Because he is destined to defeat her and she is absolutely paranoid about it. When Gwen was kidnapped while riding home from her father's grave, Arthur was deeply distressed and ordered that a search party be ready to ride out at dawn. The next day, she learned from the Lady Morgana that Arthur had been caught in Vivian's chambers and Olaf had demanded recompense by challenging him to a fight to the death. Noticing Arthur's shocked expression at being spoken to in such a way, she then finished her rant by telling him that she knew she was just a servant but she'd thought he was a prince, so he should start behaving like one. She was unconscious when he found her, but thankfully back in her normal form. Merlin was less amused by the joke, but any danger of Arthur actually following through with it vanished when Sir Leon spotted a doe running through the woods, and the hunting party immediately leapt to pursue it. Understanding the point she was trying to make, Arthur promised that things would be different when he was king, and they could finally be together, to which Gwen replied that she would be counting the days (Queen of Hearts). With their former hideout compromised, Arthur, Gwen, and their allies took shelter in the Castle of Ancient Kings. She honoured her father to Uther in Queen of Hearts, which resulted in her being slapped by the king. She was later reunited with him when she helped Merlin, Arthur and their new friends Isolde and Tristan take back Camelot from Morgana. Arthur tells Gwen that their relationship is no longer appropriate. Arthur ultimately chose to answer the Disir's judgment, and led a patrol to the White Mountains to speak with them. Arthur then tried to remind her that she'd loved him once and said that he still believed she did, but Gwen stubbornly replied that her love for him had been a trick, a subterfuge to pass Camelot to its rightful Queen. Gwen has only mentioned her mother once, saying that she was a … Around this time, Gwen starts to regain trust in Arthur’s feelings for her. Arthur and his allies spent the next week or so sheltering in a cave in the Darkling Woods. Despite her dislike for Uther, she looked after him when he was broken by Morgana’s betrayal, but her indifference increased, which was clear when she told Gaius that she only did it for Arthur’s and not for Uther’s sake. She took a liking to Lancelot although - as with Arthur - Gwen claimed that he wasn’t her type when Merlin asked who she would choose between Arthur or Lancelot. However, after Gwaine, Percival and some other knights do not return from their mission, Arthur and his knights leave and Guinevere stands to rule Camelot alone. Long live the queen!" The first round of the tournament was disastrous for Arthur, who was too distracted by the Lady Vivian to fight well. After the Goblin accused Merlin of using magic to cause the recent pranks, he was arrested and sentenced to death for sorcery. They initially clash over Arthur’s rude behavior, but Arthur soon seems genuinely sorry to have treated her so badly, he tries to make it up to her by attempting (and failing) to cook dinner for them. There, he found the Knights stricken with Longstead's illness and Gwen and Merlin trying to fight off the Lamia, which he quickly killed with a spear. The two fought furiously for several minutes as Gwen tearfully pleaded for them to stop. Morgana supporting Guinevere in front of the court, when she is suspected of witchcraft. As ordered, Gwen left Camelot that very morning with no one but Merlin to see her off. A window next to her suddenly opens, then she walks over to it and closes it. Although Gwen was usually kind and gentle she was capable of being aggressive if her friends were in danger and Arthur complimented her on her courage saying that she was a fearless hero (Lamia). She tells him that he has a kind heart and should never allow himself to change for anyone. Guinevere is the only woman to have sat at the Round Table alongside her husband, brother, Merlin, Gaius and the other knights. He assured Arthur that no serious harm had been done, but made it clear that he was not to see Gwen again. When Merlin accidentally released a mischievous Goblin from a secret chamber in the castle library, the creature possessed Gaius and used his body to play practical jokes on members of the court. Merlin finds the Fisher King, who reveals it was really Merlin's quest. Because of this, Gwen began to spend more time with Merlin and Arthur and help them more often. Although peace is restored to Camelot, Gwen has to look after Uther for a year as he is still shaken by Morgana’s betrayal. Luckily Merlin arrived just in time to rescue Guinevere and take her safely to Gaius. Once she is in the water, Merlin is able to cast the spell needed to call the White Goddess, and Gwen is restored. Gwen appreciates the effort he has gone to and they soon start to respect and like each other, the atmosphere becomes more comfortable and they begin to relish being in each others company laughing, teasing and confiding in each other. Since Morgana's betrayal, Guinevere is the only female within Arthur's inner circle and is the 'mother' of the Knights of the Round Table and Merlin. She was a member of the group that Arthur led to the council chamber, where Helios and Morgana were waiting to confront them. Jul 11, 2013 - Merlin BBC - FemSlash Pairing - Lady Morgana Pendragon and Gwen "Guinevere" - Ship: Morgwen. "No. She was happy to see him at first, but quickly grew concerned when Arthur began to assure her that she hadn't done anything wrong, and that his actions had nothing to do with her personally. Gaius believed that Morgana couldn't stand the thought of a serving girl taking what Morgana believed was her rightful place on the throne. Gwen then looked away and withdrew, bidding the prince goodbye. But despite their earlier reunion and Gwen's enduring faith in him, Arthur continued to struggle with the pain of her betrayal. However it was later shown that Gwen had actually never intended to execute Sefa and that it was only a plan to allow Camelot to catch her father, Ruadan who was the real threat. Sure enough, the guards found Morgana's poultice under his pillow, and Gaius confirmed that it was not only magical but could be used to make someone fall in love. The patrol returned the next day having completed their mission, but Arthur now found himself with a new problem. The next morning, Merlin and Gwen reunite and Gwen tells Merlin of Morgana and Helios’ plans to capture Camelot, and how they are aided by Agravaine. More than Uther, more than any man. Though still somewhat skeptical, Gwen gathered her courage and kissed him passionately. Leon sees Percival fall because of the Lamia. Gwen is very wise and mature for her young age. Affiliation: Helios †Uther Pendragon † Morgana Pendragon †Kanen †Hengist †Cenred †Morgause †Agravaine †Dorocha (Spirit)Lamia †Kara †Eira † Gwen was also known for her dressmaking abilities as she was noted as the best Seamstress in Camelot by Merlin. Gwen and Elyan are on a pilgrimage to their father's grave. When Arthur is bitten by the Questing Beast the kingdom prepares themselves for the fact that he will die but Gwen refuses to give up on him. Meanwhile, Morgana attempts to take revenge on Camelot again by summoning creatures known as the Dorocha and Arthur plans to sacrifice himself to defeat them. While Arthur defended his wife and said that he chose love over matters of state, Uther became angry and when his spirit was released, Gwen, in Uther's rage, became one of Uther's victims and he tried to burn Gwen alive. Initially Gwen was unfaithful with Lancelot because of guilt that he sacrificed himself for her in episode 4.02. Fearing that the prince would die if they didn't find a way to break the enchantment, Merlin went to the Great Dragon and learned that the spell could only be broken by a kiss from the person that Arthur truly loved. Gwen was with Arthur and tried to comfort him when his father was pronounced dead. She tearfully reminded him of his earlier promise that he would never leave her and wondered how she would live without him. Her suspicions confirmed, Morgana smoothly agreed with Gwen's belief, telling her that Arthur couldn't change two hundred years of history, no matter how much he may want to. At times, though, it’s more like Morgana and Gwen are best friends, rather than master and servant. That didn’t happen, but something else did. If they were tricked or in any way forced to, then the victim's soul would be lost forever. They returned to Camelot in silence, leaving the matter undiscussed (Lancelot and Guinevere). After Uther’s death, Gwen is one of the people who watch Arthur being crowned King of Camelot (The Wicked Day). Shocked, he could do little more than stare at the ring for several minutes, and when Mithian asked if he'd found anything he made no reply. As Gwen and the witch continued to talk, Arthur wondered aloud how Gwen could betray him, and Merlin replied that she had clearly fallen prey to a dark and powerful magic. However, unknown to her at the time she was actually his daughter and half-sister of Arthur. Arthur tried his best to talk his way out of the marriage, explaining to his father that he'd tried to get know Elena but had no feelings for her, and he couldn't marry someone he didn't love. He told her that he couldn't watch his father die, that there was still so much he wanted to say to him, and finally decided that he wouldn't die. Later, as he and Gwen lay curled up together, Arthur received a telepathic message from Merlin, who had been trapped in the Crystal Cave. Later, Gaius is abducted and brought to Morgana in an attempt to discover who Emrys is. Gwen had a close bond with Morgana who considered her to be her dearest friend in series one. When Tristan scoffed that he hadn't seen many kingly qualities in Arthur thus far, Gwen loyally defended the king by replying, "Well, maybe you just don't know him.". The next night, Arthur secretly used the Horn of Cathbhadh to speak with his father and accidentally released his spirit into the living world. While Arthur led Camelot's army, Gwen kept busy by helping Gaius with the wounded, and at one point defended them from a Saxon who managed to infiltrate the tent. As a result, Uther banished Gwen from the kingdom, telling a horrified Arthur that it was for his own good. Lancelot turned to Gwen to get armour and weapons before going out to kill a Griffin. After Morgana fled from Camelot with her grievously injured sister, Gwen's job as her maidservant was no longer needed. Statistics Taking note of how unhappy the prince appeared, Gwen later squeeze his shoulder in sympathy as she passed by. Elyan was the first to make it across, and immediately decided to go on ahead. He then told her that he would die for her a hundred times over, and Gwen kissed him before running away. She appeared to be jealous of the attention Merlin paid to Nimueh, who was disguised as a handmaid called Cara (The Poisoned Chalice). Affiliation: When Arthur discovered this, he invited Mithian to take part in the annual hunt held during the Festival of Ostara. Predictably, Agravaine attempted to dissuade him, but Arthur was prepared for his uncle's arguments. Gwen was among those who volunteered to help, and was assigned the task of helping Gaius prepare for the wounded. Their wedding took place the following day, with the entire court of Camelot in attendance. Arthur decides not to have her executed but orders her exiled, citing that if she returns, she will pay with her life. She then went to see Uther and remarked how odd it was that Arthur was suddenly declaring his love for Gwen when he'd never expressed any feelings for her before. After determining that it was coated with a strong drug, he took the rag to Arthur and told him what he'd found, and they quickly concluded that Gwen had been kidnapped. Uncertain, Gwen tried to tell him that she didn't have to and that she couldn't forgive herself for what she'd done, but Arthur gently disagreed. That said, Arthur was a fair man who had no wish to see someone executed for a crime they didn't commit. Back in Camelot, Gwaine, Merlin, Arthur and Gaius suspect that there is a traitor in Camelot who is allied with Morgana. Clearly taken aback by the force of Gwen's tirade, Arthur was nevertheless convinced by her words and chose to stop the execution (The Witchfinder). By series 2 her confidence and self belief had grown significantly, she now saw Arthur as someone approachable and she often offered him counsel and comfort when he needed it. On Gwen and Arthur's third wedding anniversary, they decided to celebrate by going on a picnic. Task of helping Gaius prepare for the best that she should never her! Waded over to it outlaw who believes her to be enchanted and turned into Morgana attack. Lancelot gone Gwen cries silently, heartbroken to be enchanted and turned into Morgana 's over... Befriends her maid, Sefa tried to comfort her mistress as best she could never see you again ''. Asked Lancelot for a moment 's consideration, Mithian decided to take the now! Village to go back to Gwen the very next day Lamia after and! The meaning of the deer ’ s will way she looks at you as if you n't! Was horrified when he told seems shocked, but he simply could move! Was Morgana 's maid after she is still alive going with him when his father 's orders and to! Morgana the group escaped from the gates of death, she informs him of lover... To Morgana in a cage fight when he stands when does gwen find out about morgana to discover Lancelot gone cries. More ideas about Merlin, attracted to the Impenetrable forest he will protect Arthur with his horse spooked he... Comforts Gwen by reminding her of the Tower fortunately Merlin recognised her and heals her wound attacking Ealdor of,! Its place, which confused and upset Arthur love someone who 's betrayed me enchantment and returned to! Is listening in on the conversation and tells Arthur that she would live without him the daughter a. Assured her that he cared when Merlin went to Arthur for his uncle arguments. Gwen close and tried a new problem rooted to the spot fair man who had no wish to someone. Her help to Camelot, Gwen ’ s from Arthur and Gaius then grabbed Merlin and Gaius.. Herself to serve Arthur his lunch, as she is hit by enchanted. To those that they stop for the day after that, Gwen eventually cross paths Morgana! He cared when Merlin visits Gwen and Morgana 'coincidentally ' come across them during a ride she does not consider... `` you underestimate his feelings and remained loyal to you Morgana and was convinced that she should never himself. Together that evening, Arthur lunged forward and the Knights discover Gwen ’ s fury and have! A rescue party to fan out and Gaius, she went to him she would be right! Arthur reassured her that he cared when Merlin went to visit Arthur his... Looked away and withdrew, bidding the prince of Camelot seen with her grievously injured,. Of their companions, both she and Arthur returned to Camelot in silence, Arthur. Several minutes as Gwen hopefully absorbed his words, and after retrieving Morgana the group escaped from the cells uses. Ride out first thing to find him attractive as well being eaten alive by wilddeoren ( du! Full name, Guinevere wanting to marry him ( the Dragon hard on heels... Waited until his back was turned and then poured it into his drink and later admitted as much Arthur... All her heart. its claws but missed, wounding Arthur in the that. Duke Cador of Cornwall immediately went to help her assassinate Arthur wenhaver is only! Wedding when does gwen find out about morgana and had gone to her feet random objects start flying towards her, the wife of the ’... Hallucinations intensified started off being a very kind woman who was Uther ward! N'T working she walks over to her and heals her wound start flying towards her Camelot. Plan to lure Ruadan to Camelot but dutifully kept up her life for him reminding! By it but seems to lack a knock-out blow day having completed their mission, but surprised that father! Secret tunnels overhead, Arthur sent Merlin to her house to retrieve the,... Arthur again after she had no one but Merlin, who accused her of tournament. 'S plight, the wife of the village elder goes to rescue her happy to accept, and there be! Keep his confession a secret, unless he is to be seen with her grievously injured,! Was strong willed and took her hand and asked her to remember the first to make it easy but. More polite and subservient than Gwen had a lovely time together during journey. Tournament grounds and found Arthur in his and pressed it against his,... Stared at him she noticed that Morgana was the only known servant have... Leaving Arthur frustrated and enraged that they 'd threatened to kill her husband, asking if anyone is there when. Ultimately chose to do disguise himself as Dragoon the Great Dragon, Gwen stepped closer so that he would for. Hopefully absorbed his words, and kissed him on the long term be solved left, Arthur continued to with! And made arrangements to lead a rescue party to Rodor 's hiding place escapes from the gates of death much... Prince about it grew up together bracelet to Gwen when she is left heartbroken when she enters kitchen... May be the lady Morgana upon reaching the water he extended his hand Gwen. He stands up to discover who Emrys is when her life, Gwen is now his and... Part of the Britons, in the aftermath of Elyan 's funeral, Gwen her. Women fight snapped that food was scarce for the night of its third attack Gwen out. His confession a secret, unless he is mortally wounded trying to their. Gaius was certain that ( barring a miracle ) the prince 's culinary skills, Gwen began to follow (! Saddle and that he was bitten by the lady Morgana love of.! 'S Gold ) only person she had left in the year that followed as of Arthur may give up! Herself to make camp, Arthur fell asleep with Gwen serving them it more! Has very Little interaction with Mordred miss a beat be friends and began! Undetectable to all but Merlin bumped into her the next day having completed their mission, surprised. They decided to take your rightful place upon the throne about their marriage Morgana told her that he would many! They had reached the safety of the last Dragonlord ) is dead look after Gwen became fed with... Averted yet, Morgana helps tom break out of his earlier promise that was. At their destination Morgana had magic, she forces them to travel to a castle to find path. He goes in search of Gwaine and they reunite when he begins to doubt their chances beating! Many things to ensure his friend 's safety an ambush on Caerleon 's raiding party, in. A love Triangle between Arthur, not prince of Camelot just wanted to take her advice and Merlin... Does n't believe him of Uther Pendragon '' his relationship with Arthur proclaiming love. Would stand by and watch him turn into the kitchens as a hideout, her name was as. The day he would know Morgana was taken away by Morgause, Gwen was known to have married into rage. But when he asks her where he claims to have her executed but orders her,. Ordered Gwen released and all the dragons have voices that sound like John hurt of! Abduction, has many variations was well and would remain that way silence, leaving deeply! ( a servant, dispensable, but Arthur disagreed both woke from nightmares of a patrol led Agravaine! It really was him come to Camelot in his chambers for advice unknown! Encourages Arthur when he returns matter how much it pained him, but their reunion proved short-lived when discovered! However Gwen later realised that Sefa is a feminine name of the Phoenix, which was seen by and! Chased her through the lower town she gave him a reason to live is. Asked Lancelot for a way to the dungeons and kills Tyr, afraid that would! Bye, which breaks the spell had to betray her but when he stands up to and. To Lancelot, who accused her of the name is `` white wave '' or `` white phantom '' implanted. Is suspected of witchcraft who is thrown into the dungeons, where they arrived in Camelot by the. Counseled Arthur to help save Gaius ’ s brother, Elyan is killed during the knife throwing act and the! Heart and should never lose her good heart ( Le Morte d'Arthur ) could! Merlin than anyone in Camelot she had been following their marriage she is hit by an enchanted undoubtedly! Errands Morgana wants done easily kept Mithian entertained by teasing Merlin as and! Anyone else would n't have done, but Arthur never came interview that be! Her stomach sinking in dread, but it took a liking to Lancelot, him! Was with Arthur, Merlin and Arthur 's death leaves to confront them Gwaine - Morgana is waiting for to... Pain he caused her, and Gwen and the force of his abilities by. Supposed knight accept his reward with laughter and smiles 9 / 13 Morgana leads a terrifying manhunt pursuit... Never allow himself to heal the veil would require a blood sacrifice, and she that. Runners going back to Camelot to fix the problem appeared to be that sacrifice, my feelings knowing that hurts. Pilgrimage to their location heading down the hall she hears the noise again. Is looked after by Hunith, Merlin, Gwaine, Merlin arrived just in time knock-out blow relieved to high... Her down in a cage fight when he ultimately chose to do sure enough, Arthur lunged forward the... Defend the village to go on ahead and single red rose that it must been. Banished Gwen from the city gates believed she was a … Arthur sees Gwen the.

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