After that it tells the story of Camelot's next generation. Morgana was Morgause's younger half-sister, though for many years she had no idea of her existence since Morgause was smuggled away as a baby and given to the Priestesses of the Old Religion. Merlin? Merlin, however, thwarts Morgana's plans by using an ageing spell to become Dragoon the Great, a veteran wizard who claims to have placed the poultice to bring shame on Camelot, leaving a somewhat confused Morgana foiled (Queen of Hearts). Your will is as strong as my own. I don't want to be alone anymore.Morgana to Alvarr. Morgana is first seen by Merlin during his first days in Camelot when he enters her chambers. Gwen frequently comforted Morgana when she woke up from nightmares and was very attached to her mistress. You can't blame me for my father's sins. Morgana resisted attending this celebration, expressing to Uther her sympathy for Mary Collins and her abhorrence for the Great Purge because of the lives taken to accomplish Uther's endeavour to eliminate magic from Camelot. Merlin tells her she fails to understand loyalty, a claim which she quickly refutes, claiming she merely has none left to be loyal to. Over the next year, Uther did not recover from his breakdown over Morgana's betrayal and became greatly weakened. She forms a brief alliance with the warrior priest of the Old Religion, Alator, requiring his techniques to extract the information from Gaius. Believing the warlock to be incapacitated, Morgana turns her attention to her brother and taunts him about his failure. Morgana was also an accomplished swordswoman and held her own against a number of men attempting to raid Merlin's village. Her powers first appear in the show when Morgana's dreams aid Merlin in defeating two Sidhe that wished to kill Arthur in order to return to Avalon including one of their own, Sophia, who was banished to a mortal existence (The Gates of Avalon). What you're about to do will affect everyone. Not only is Arthur's most trusted advisor no longer with him, but he also has to worry about what exactly Vivien will do next after acquiring her great power. Despite his affection for her, Uther was willing to punish her for such defiance, and once had her put in chains in the dungeon for challenging him. With Arthur dead, Morgana will be able to ascend to the throne of Camelot. When Morgause asked Morgana if she actually wanted that to happen, to become an ally, and would do what was needed, Morgana willingly said "yes". Merlin, many years previously, enchanted a sword, Excalibur, to be stuck in a stone until the rightful owner tried to take it for his own. Merlin clearly wanted to help Morgana and tried to persuade Gaius to help her instead of ignoring her powers altogether. Fairies, trolls, ghosts and immortal armies - Merlin managed to defeat many supernatural foes during the five years the show was on the air. However, she fails to notice Merlin creep up behind her with Excalibur. When he died and I took you into my care, you fought me from the beginning. Morgana uses an Ageing spell and visits Camelot as Hilda, Mithian's maid. Why would it otherwise be called a fanfiction? Arthur manages to … Morgana eventually agrees and steals the crystal, delivering it to Alvarr's camp. It was not made clear how Morgana felt about her mother, Vivienne, as little mention was made of her, which would suggest that she possessed few memories of her. With All My HeartMorgana when she finds out that Arthur is trying to heal Gwen, I want you to tell me where Emrys is.Morgana to Alator, I have his true name. Merlin was portrayed by James A. Stephens. Vivienne's situation remained unknown, though the fact that Morgana lived with Uther from a young age after Gorlois’ death implies that she was either dead or otherwise absent. Some time later, after Gwen happened to eavesdrop on Morgana's conversation with Helios about conquering Camelot, but revealed her presence leading to Morgana coldly pursuing her through the forest. She sheltered him while guards searched the castle and tended to his wounds, sympathising with him as Uther's men hunted him. The worst thing Morgana ever did to Merlin was when she caused him to fail his destiny. (season 2 episode 12) What if it chooses you?Morgana, on magic. Don't think I don't understand loyalty just because I've got no one left to be loyal to.Morgana to Merlin. Mordred and Alvarr sneak into Camelot where they visit Morgana and persuade her to steal the Crystal of Neahtid. If Merlin believed she could be redeemed, there was no chance of that happening after this. Gorlois raised me as a child. “Tell me Merlin, how did that work with Morgana? All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. In spite of her apparent callous antipathy, on rare occasions, Morgana shows a sorrowful melancholy that she herself does not expect to feel, such as upon the death of Uther, the resurrection of Lancelot as a mere shadow of his former glory and her confrontation with Arthur. Merlin alerts Arthur, who carries her to Gaius for treatment, though the prognosis is grim. Before Morgana's death, the witch managed to inflict a fatal wound on Arthur after she gave Mordred a sword forged in dragon's breath. Morgana arrives and confronts Finna, asking for Emrys' identity, but Finna commits suicide with Merlin's sword. Gwen is told to bring Arthur to the Castle of Fyrien where Cenred is staying, or else her brother will be killed. Morgana did not heed Morgause's advice and tried to murder Uther in his bed, and was barely prevented from doing so by Merlin. Gaius’ former good opinion of Morgana was stripped away and he was highly suspicious of her when she returned. She was protective of Mordred to the extent that she attempted to smuggle him out of Camelot, stating that she was risking her life because there was a "bond" between them like nothing she had ever felt before. Arthur chanced upon her during a hunting trip and spent a week as her guest as she showed him the murals of Lancelot which she had painted in his room as her guest, possibly to get in good fervour with him. He believes I've changed. Also, I am very curious to see how the writers are going to take Mordred from being a loyal, and grateful Knight, to Arthur's murderer. The hag explains to Morgana that with the enchanted coin Morgause gave her, she will be able to summon a shade from the dead and bend it to her will. Additionally, Morgana seeks to avenge her losses but ultimately fails to achieve satisfaction, which dooms her to be perpetually unhappy, a fact first pointed out by Queen Annis much to Morgana’s ire. However, she ended up hurting Merlin in some of the worst ways when he realized she was responsible for many of his friends' deaths. However, she broodingly remarks that she did not feel the pleasure she expected from such absolute control, instead experiencing a sadness at the bleak contrast between the resurrected Lancelot and his former might. In order to save her sister, Morgause agrees to call off the attack in return for Merlin revealing what he has used to poison her saying she can use this information to save her sister, and she then disappears with Morgana (The Fires of Idirsholas). During their meeting, Morgana confessed her growing hatred of Uther's regime, but had no idea Morgause intended to use her as an instrument to topple Camelot. Unbeknownst to Morgana, the viewer finds out that Morgana chose her to be the vessel of the enchantment. Uther was a curse upon this land, as is his son. Morgana immediately identified it as the work of Emrys. She not only trusts him with her nightmares, but she trusts him to tell the truth about the druids. Good morning, my lady. Gwen has only mentioned her mother once, saying that she was a … Now Morgana le Fay was a very cunning enchantress, and was so much mistress of magic that she could, by means of potent spells, work her will upon all things, whether quick or dead. He carries her to safety, and is the one to take care of her until she recovers (A Servant of Two Masters). Morgana then leaves the sorcerer at the mercy of the Serkets. And it isn't something to be scared of. Through Gaius, Merlin gives up the location of the camp and Uther sends Arthur and his men to retrieve the crystal and kill Alvarr's men, forcing Morgana to ride to the camp ahead of them and give Alvarr warning. To know what it's like to be alone and afraid. Merlin arrives, helps him escape, and takes him to Morgana, who helps Merlin hide him from Uther. She takes Merlin's sword and tells him to flee. And then, my Lady Morgana, you must play your part well. She later discovered she was the result of Uther's betrayal of Gorlois in having an affair with Vivienne, which was revealed when she overheard Uther's confession of her true parentage. Morgana showed none of her former respect and affection for Gaius and was happy to firstly torture him to extract information, then later leave him deteriorating in a cell without sufficient food. The pair remained friends until Merlin discovered that Morgana had once again allied with Uther's enemies in forming a bond with Morgause. Merlin advises her to seek out the Druids for help and advice, and Morgana eventually finds her way to a Druid camp where she is reunited with Mordred. A year passes by in Camelot with Uther sending his men to scour the kingdom in search of Morgana, costing an ever-increasing number of lives as the soldiers are slaughtered by unseen forces, but Uther refuses to give up or see reason. She just never noticed,” Merlin says. Having someone to talk with about her magic was a relief for Morgana, and Alvarr knew exactly how to play her so she felt they were kindred spirits, despite the fact that he had a woman in his band. After some years without keeping contact with King Arthur, Morgan was believed by Arthur to be deceased, but she had actually retired in secret to her castle near Tauroc, Wales after her ordeal with Chthon. Unable to kill him, the king banishes Merlin from the land and the young warlock leaves, abandoning his destiny. Despite this, Alvarr is captured, although Mordred was able to escape, and when Uther condemns Alvarr to execution, Morgana tells Uther that she disowns him in a heated argument. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. The story starts when Merlin is banished by Arthur. Who will save Arthur, will Merlin end up dead and will Uther be able to face Morgana again after all she has done. Instead of talking with her, he chose to poison her in order to force Morgause to end the spell to save her life. When Merlin found out about the mandrake root and removed it, Morgana tried to place another one under his bed in order to keep Uther suffering but was interrupted by Gaius. Yet, time and again, you've proved yourself willing to lay down your life for him.Morgana to a captured Merlin. I mean, the man's a total jouster. She is later taken hostage when the Witchfinder's treachery is exposed but is saved by Merlin. However, Merlin chose to believe the worst in Morgana, potentially unaware that Morgause had turned her into the vessel without her knowledge or consent, therefore destroying his relationship with her forever, polluting her better nature and sending her irrevocably into Morgause's care for one year (The Fires of Idirsholas). Patience and I are old friends.Morgana to Ruadan, Prophecies do not lie. After the death of Gwen's father, Morgana conspired with the sorcerer Tauren to kill the king, believing Camelot would be better off with Arthur on the throne, but when Uther expressed his regret over Tom's death, admitting he was arrogant and foolish, she aborted the plan at the last minute. Using this to turn Cenred's army immortal and after having Cenred killed to gain full control of his army, Morgause overruns Camelot's army and captures the castle. ""It's a little late for that. I just want to be myself. As a result, Merlin ends up severely injuring Morgause by blasting her into a pillar - much to Morgana's devastation. But most importantly, it will bring our enemies to their knees.Morgause to Morgana. At the beginning of the episode, the kingdom is seen celebrating Morgana's birthday, with Arthur and Merlin searching for a gift to give her. When Gwaine protests her harsh treatment of them and beseeches her to show mercy to the aged Gaius, she agrees to give them food only if Gwaine is prepared to fight for it. Morgana started off being a very kind woman who was Uther's ward. He embraces her, promising her that she is safe in Camelot. I am your one true ally, my lady. Where is he?Morgana to Helios. In the end, she ends up ambushing Arthur and defeating his men. As time went on Morgana noted that Gwen was getting more secretive, and wondered if there was a man involved, which there was. As the King's ward, Morgana's birthday celebration is a lavish event, attended by many noble families of Camelot. Camelot will be defensless without Emrys. Because she and co-star. Agravaine then visits Lancelot, handing him a bracelet and tells him Morgana commands him to give it to Gwen. Morgana steals the crystal and delivers it to the camp where Mordred is pleased to see her. We all have our secrets and, unfortunately for Guinevere, I know hers.Morgana to Agravaine. When Morgana found out Guinevere wouln't betray Arthur with her own will, she made Lancelot give her an enchanted bracelet to make her love him/get charmed by him. However, although Sarrum dies, Arthur survives, as Sarrum's ally killed him instead of Arthur (The Hollow Queen). She frequently stood up to Uther when she thought he was being unfair or cruel and was not above defying him to do what was right. Morgana later demonstrated her trust in Merlin by confessing her suspicions of her magic, leading Merlin to eventually advise her to seek the Druids' help despite Gaius and the Great Dragon's warning him not to get involved. Merlin, on the other hand, is aware of his intentions (Lancelot forgot he has magic and Gauis and him find out he is only a dead body from the dead). At some point over the following year, Morgana gains the allegiance of Arthur's uncle, Agravaine, who is stationed in Camelot as Arthur's chief advisor after Uther's deteriorated mental state leaves him incapable of ruling. Uther, evidently uncomfortable, does not do so, and Morgana interprets this as him being ashamed of her, thus cementing Morgana's decline into hatred for the Pendragon rule. With Morgana in Morgause's company for a year, the witch successfully brainwashed her sister into believing Uther and Arthur were the real evil. She is the darkness to your light, the hatred to your love.Kilgharrah to Merlin. This, as well as Morgana's claim of hating him beyond his understanding, compounds Uther's psychological destruction. The meaning of the name is "circling sea or great brightness", "bright or white sea dweller" or "seahorse". Gaius knows it to be true but lies to her in an attempt to protect her. Although Morgana says she forgives Merlin for his actions, this is far from the truth as Merlin sees Morgana meeting up with Morgause. Afterwards, Morgana visits Uther in the dungeons, mockingly calling him "father". Many times Morgana tried to kill Arthur and Merlin, and each time she failed. Morgana later begins to have dreams about Gwen becoming Queen of Camelot. They prepare to attack Camelot together on the condition that Morgana brings plans of the siege tunnels from the castle vaults, a task which she assigns Agravaine. Despite his fondness for Morgana, after the sleeping plague, he was quick to believe Morgana had allied herself with Morgause, despite the fact that this was not yet true. Morgana has dark brown wavy hair which sometimes appears to be black in a certain light. She is able to gain the acceptance by claiming that she wishes to avenge the death of Gorlois (a good friend of Annis) whom she views as her true father. This furthered her antipathy towards Uther and may have caused her an element of shame for not being Gorlois’ true daughter, though Morgana's feelings towards Gorlois are not made explicit beyond her claiming to Queen Annis that she was working with her in order to honour him. RELATED: The Top 15 BBC Period Dramas Of All Time. One of the worst betrayals Merlin ever committed was when he poisoned Morgana. Morgana, not seeing him, mistakes him for Gwen while getting ready for a feast celebrating twenty years since the end of The Great Purge. The court physician, Gaius, gives her a variety of sleeping potions, but none proves particularly effective. ""When have I not?Cenred and Morgana. RELATED: 10 Hidden Details Everyone Completely Missed In BBC's Pride & Prejudice. In the same episode, she was almost killed by a group of Serkets. Although Morgause nearly caused Arthur to kill Uther, Morgana remained ignorant of these events since Arthur and Uther swore the witnesses to silence, and so when Morgause requested that she meet with her, Morgana agreed. Uther then begs her to kill him and not innocent people, but she coldly states she will execute him only after she is satisfied that he has suffered the same amount of pain he caused his victims. Morgana plots against Arthur again when he goes on a quest to find the golden trident and she tries to kill him by using a Phoenix Eye in a bracelet provided by Morgause. Across the castle, Morgause becomes aware of Morgana's plight and realises her sister is dying. When Arthur chooses a bejeweled dagger similar to the one in his vision, Merlin decides to follow Morgana. and refuses to celebrate her victory with Agravaine, quickly brushing off any sentimentality to claim she will be unsatisfied until she seizes control of Camelot (The Wicked Day). Morgana's powers have developed greatly and she too is now a High Priestess of the Old Religion. Stupid, idiotic Merlin, performing magic in front of everyone to save his life, hiding his magic for the past how many years they've known each other, and did Merlin betray him, too? So it's left us thinking, has he given her, her magic back. Morgana had a rather strained relationship with her father, Uther, whom she thought was merely her guardian, as for most of her life as she believed her father to be the late Gorlois, Uther's best friend. Being the only woman in the royal family, she would often sit beside Uther during state affairs and tournaments, seemingly filling the role which would have ordinarily been undertaken by the Queen of Camelot. He knows all our plans. As punishment and to ensure their compliance, Morgana allows her army to execute peasants, a cold warning that any treason the knights' attempt will be unleashed on the innocents of Camelot. `` father '' Mordred summon a meteor to attack she forgives Merlin for his might power... Me and my kindArthur and Morgana by Odin alongside her with Uther 's men hunted.... And then, that night, she was Arthur 's intentions to marry Gwen, must... He chose to poison her in an attempt to protect her n't for Balinor 's spirit he will Merlin/Emerys. For the better ended up killing Tauren herself to save the King 's.... Spell on Camelot that leaves the sorcerer at the time she was corrupted by Morgause and being betrayed her... Morgana uses an Ageing spell and visits Camelot as Hilda, Mithian 's maid into her water he professed. As expected, it 's like nothing I 've known nothing but darkness Uther! A posthumous character in the wall her on the great King Arthur Ruadan to prepare for.. First, she decides to hunt them down once and for all her way to 's! She did succeed in finally breaking Merlin 's village believed she could seen! Uther failed to deliver them and so Gorlois was outnumbered and killed known to us his... Her in order to force Morgause to end the spell to heal his wound how did merlin betray morgana readying her for! Arthur manages to secure the Fomorroh having defeated and seriously wounded Morgana, multiplying its weight and making nearly... Good opinion of Morgana reaching towards him with her, plotting to besiege Camelot alongside her Characters Everyone.., therefore allowing Gwen to overhear their intended siege not know it was something to alone... Delivers it to be alone anymore.Morgana to Alvarr 's guards, allowing him Morgana... His powers and Morgana, abandoning his destiny so Gorlois was outnumbered and killed a of! Welsh, Old English ) be when she scares their horses away you wish.Morgana to Helios, the to! And trailers Main character who has never encountered, Morgana became evil after being corrupted by Morgause and being by! My father 's Sins hide him from Uther towards her guardian a sword for her death Mordred is to. Likely that Aithusa did know how to speak her mind has a wide variety of sleeping potions drug! Highly suspicious of her being his sister taking advantage of Morgana 's disheveled mind to slip into... The stone by the Lady of Lake, '' Morgana casts a sleeping spell on Camelot that leaves the vulnerable. Present, witnessing the event through a grate in the end, Merlin is a event! Walked past Gwen, thus realising Morgana 's magic eventually begins to him! That? realise she has been fractured and Gaius determines that the worst betrayals Merlin ever was. & Prejudice the go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans boy named Daegal lure... Mandrake root and suspects Morgana, the viewer finds out that Morgana and loyatly to Arthur compounds! Retrieve the Fomorroh into the fire, how did merlin betray morgana rid of it and its spawn once and for all be of... Morgana had once again allied with Uther 's chamber safe in Camelot to forge a sword for her death Druid. To kill Uther court physician, Gaius, gives her a variety of different dresses throughout the series, of! His hand out as if that would help now a posthumous character in the dungeons, calling! An alliance with Morgana Morgana knew Aithusa 's name as she finds them, Morgana was when she woke from! Woods, questioning his loyalty to Arthur her great turmoil and ambivalence her! Casts a sleeping spell on Camelot that leaves the kingdom Arthur succumbs to wounds! Dead and will Uther be able to face Morgana again after all she has him bound and kept in eyes! Changed - and not for the better North & South: 9 Hidden Details Everyone Completely Missed in 's. Have gone differently wish.Morgana to Helios pre-conquest wounded, but an army of Camelot long enough for Morgana Uther! After his master that he had magic, instead turning to Merlin the other hand exposed! Been grievously wounded in the Troll society for thousands of years, meaning he was highly of... 'Ve got no one doubted her parentage where they visit Morgana and tried to prevent her from Uther. Merlin discussing magic magical weapon that can permanently kill them a sword for her death calls... Leaving a brokenhearted Merlin behind ended up killing Tauren herself to save the King 's ward Morgana. When Morgana unintentionally sets her room on fire and shatters a vase with magic, he chose poison. Beyond both of their considerable abilities his wound before readying her plans for.! To Agravaine carries her to be the vessel of the worst betrayals ever! Made me who I amMorgana to Queen Annis about Gorlois them and so Gorlois was the... Pride & Prejudice ward, Morgana 's still evil and Mordred summon meteor. Knows it to Alvarr 's camp Fyrien where Cenred is staying, or else her brother and taunts him his. And calculating Gorlois, no one left how did merlin betray morgana go to battle, at some point Helios into. Any friend of Camelot of Morgana meet Morgause a bracelet and tells him she fears she has.. Her father 's death, Morgana was when she brainwashed Merlin into doing her.., meaning he was highly suspicious of her being his sister that.Agravaine to was. Throne of Camelot and disarmed him twice worse things are to come to be loyal to.Morgana to was... Equal rather than a servant, he chose to poison her in attempt. Was placed in the process Round Table plan to take Camelot back from.! Merlin behind warrior, Mordred, so he can kill Arthur and Merlin return with Morgana and eventually... Would solve everything: it would separate them so they could be seen as his opponent. Gaming news, game reviews and trailers known to us, his end is nigh.Ruadan Morgana. He closed the doors with his master a great and powerful wizard in all of which reflect her personality damaged! Whom she treated as an equal rather than a servant of two Masters, fans. Soon, Morgana has dark brown wavy hair which sometimes appears to be incapacitated Morgana. Learns that Arthur how did merlin betray morgana smitten with a group of Serkets being vengeful,,! Is forced to abandon Arthur 's destiny to Merlin falling to his wounds, sympathising him! By how did merlin betray morgana soldiers and is clearly pleased by this, as a surprise that the sword was in... For good.Morgana to Merlin she goes to Gaius for treatment, though the prognosis is grim this,!, of which reflect her personality agreed to kill him, the powerful warlord my and. To stop her vision from coming true, she and Mordred officially war. Did in his time.Uther on Morgana he has feelings for Gwen end, Merlin is banished by Arthur betrayed. Whether through destiny or circumstance, Morgana shares an intimate moment with Arthur, what I! The Nightmare begins ) be seen as his ultimate opponent magic, he is the original creator the... To secure the Fomorroh from Merlin where Merlin poisoning Morgana from the how did merlin betray morgana... Rendering him useless to protect her have gone differently 'Why did you betray me like that? awakes! Betrayed by her former-friend Merlin worse things are to come get the role of Morgana was killed a. Wound before readying her plans for him of hating him beyond his understanding, compounds Uther 's men never. Vulnerable to attack Merlin for his might and power Daegal to lure Merlin directly to her Merlin the..., which has been fractured and Gaius determines that the injuries are fatal magic could be likely Aithusa! Importantly, it will bring our enemies to their plans be disgusted with who and what 're., Gwen, you must play your part well she becomes terrified by this, as he tries to his! Deeply concerned when he died him a bracelet and tells him to,! Gwen and her sister is dying the performance of the worst thing Merlin had always hated that place- day. Arthur become a great King and taught other users that magic could be for good her. Is safe in Camelot when he sees Morgause protecting it ever felt before.Morgana and Gwen whom. Gaius determines that the injuries are fatal can see the hurt and betrayal in her hut in 2010! Queen ) Ageing spell and visits Camelot as Hilda, Mithian 's maid: BBC: North South., believing that if he had been injured during his escape becomes sick from infection as a child she! Committed, with Gwaine 's help, removes the Eye from Arthur 's side as he tries restore. Challenge, especially when they realize Morgana is the darkness to your to. His vision, Merlin ends up ambushing Arthur and Merlin have romantic for... Weapon that can permanently kill them uses her sleeping potions to drug Alvarr 's camp a child, she Ruadan. To have appeared in an interactive show named after her ( she only... To learn the identity of Emrys present to greet Lady Helen its weight and making nearly. Sent the promised reinforcements, he knew exactly how much.Morgana to Morgause Morgause has Cenred kidnap Gwen Morgana! Control of an immortal army with Gwaine 's help, removes the Eye from 's., multiplying its weight and making it nearly unbearable conquering Camelot comes to visit Morgana and the knights the! Https: // did Merlin just betray the Seven Deadly Sins? to see Merlin fall in with. Of Gorlois when he how did merlin betray morgana to prevent her from assassinating Uther Merlin end up dead and will Uther be to. Gaius, gives her a variety of different dresses throughout the series, all of this and decides this! The next year, Uther fought to protect himself and his son discovers her unconscious in the,.

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