Peel as much paper off the garlic as you can take off easily and place it in the bottom of a pint sized canning jar. Rosemary & Garlic Sous Vide Duck Ingredients: 2-4 whole wild or domestic ducks 4-6 sprigs of rosemary 6 whole cloves garlic 1 tbsp cracked pepper 1/2 tbsp sea salt 4 tbsp butter 2 tbsp avocado or olive oil Directions: Start out by spatchcocking the ducks. I was looking at today's article on unorthodox pizza toppings and one of them was black garlic. Sous Vide Black Garlic. Heat sous vide to 87.5C or 190F; Slice the top off the garlic to expose the individual cloves and trim the root end to ensure there's no dirt. quarter twist! This is a method where you cut along one side of the spine, from tail to neck. I've never had the stuff but I love garlic and I tend to love fermented things.

sous vide garlic

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